The 50 Under 50 list honors outstanding trailblazers under 50 years of age, and this year, Lance A. Slatton stands out as a remarkable honoree. At just 43, Slatton is redefining caregiving through his companies, Enriched Life Home Care Services and All Home Care Matters. He founded his award-winning home care company after identifying a lack of resources for caregivers, turning it into Michigan’s top-rated service over the past five years.

Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, his creativity continued to shine, evident through the inception of his podcast and YouTube show, All Home Care Matters. With a global viewership exceeding 12 million, this platform stands as a source of support for communities across the world. Slatton’s contributions extend to McKnight’s Home Care News, where he employs his expertise to delve into a spectrum of caregiving subjects.



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