In-Home Senior Care in Livonia & Southeastern MI

Learn More About Home Care Services for Seniors

In-home care is a part of life for many seniors. Not only do home care providers allow your loved one the opportunity to live in their own house, but caregivers also develop a friendship with the seniors they visit every day. This commitment to cultivating relationships is a staple of Enriched Life Home Care Services’ mission. We provide exceptional home care in Livonia, MI, and we’re dedicated to helping your loved ones thrive through their golden years. Our team understands the difficulties associated with aging, and we’re here to guide seniors and their families through the process. Our services are designed to encompass a range of Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and specialized care so that your loved one never feels isolated. Find out more about selecting a home care provider and what our team can offer you.In-Home Senior Care in Southeastern MI

Steps to Finding the Ideal Home Care Services

The team at Enriched Life Home Care Services wants you to find the perfect senior home care program and caregiver for your loved one. As such, we’ve created a quick guide to narrowing down your options and eventually making the ideal choice. Follow these steps as you conduct your search for home care services:

  •  Ask Around: Talk to friends and family members about local home care services. They may have had a good experience with a service that might interest you as well.
  •  Search Online: While you can’t believe everything you see online, the internet is a good starting point as you look for in-home senior care. Read some reviews and check local organizations dedicated to senior wellbeing for recommendations.
  •  Schedule Interviews: If you have your options narrowed down, ask for an interview with each provider. Request information on payment schedules, specific services provided, and references.
  •  Get Some Background Information: Before entrusting your family member to a caregiver, be sure to run a background check on each option. Nothing suspect may come up, but it’s always better to be cautious.

Services Our Caregivers Provide

Our caregivers have the training and hands-on experience to take on a wide variety of responsibilities. We can provide nearly any service your elderly family member may need. Plus, our caregivers are dedicated to becoming much more than just someone to help with chores. Rather, we’re committed to being a friend to your loved one, offering support and companionship as needed. In addition to friendship, you and your family member can expect the following services:

  • Bathing assistance
  • Dressing assistance
  • Walking and exercise
  • Wheelchair assistance
  • Safety and fall prevention
  • Personal care and hygiene help
  • Medication reminders
  • Meal planning and preparation, including for specialized diets
  • Shopping and errands
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Light housekeeping and chores, such as laundry
  • Respite care
  • Memory care (Alzheimer’s and Dementia)

What to Consider During Your Search for Home Care

As you search for the ideal provider of senior care at home, you’ll want to consider many different aspects. First, think about your loved one’s home. Make sure the layout is accessible for seniors with mobility issues, and you may even consider adding a walk-in tub or stairlift to accommodate them. If their home seems dangerous, home care may not be the best option. In addition to the home layout, you should also think about what medical conditions will need to be addressed. Look for a home care provider that can offer support for those specific issues. Most of all, don’t forget to talk to your loved ones about their wants and needs. While you might be rightfully concerned about their health, they may be more focused on feeling less isolated. No matter your circumstances or the items on your wish list, Enriched Life Home Care Services will meet your requirements.

Get in Touch with Us 

If it’s time to invest in quality in-home senior care for your loved one, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. The friendly team at Enriched Life Home Care Services is here to ensure your senior receives the care and companionship they need to thrive. We love giving our clients the opportunity to age in their own homes, surrounded by all the things they hold dear. Tell us about your loved one’s specific needs, and we’ll get to know them personally so they can be matched with an experienced caregiver. Contact us today to learn more.