Home Safety Evaluation for Seniors in Livonia & Southeastern MI

Home Safety Evaluation in Southeastern MI

Free Home Safety Evaluation for Your Well-Being

At Enriched Life Home Care Services, safety for all our families and clients is our top priority. To ensure families and their loved ones are safe, we provide home safety evaluations for seniors as a courtesy to anyone interested. From fall prevention to electrical safety, our team is highly experienced in inspecting homes and modifying them to ensure they’re a haven for our clients. We believe people should be able to age in place for as long as they’re able and taking advantage of our free in-home safety evaluations is the first step.

Our home safety evaluations are perfect for anyone living in Livonia, MI, or the surrounding areas, including Southeastern Michigan. The Enriched Life Home Care Services safety evaluation will offer suggestions to allow you or your loved ones to continue living safely in their chosen residence. Schedule your home safety evaluation today!

What Is a Home Safety Evaluation?

Home safety evaluations help caregivers identify potential dangers and fall risks in a person’s home. They’re essential to ensuring the well-being of seniors who prefer to live at home rather than move to a senior or assisted living community. If you or your loved ones are going to continue aging in place in their home, several things need to be addressed before home-living can occur.

Professional in-home safety evaluations are typically performed by anyone with an ECHM (Executive Certificate in Home Modification), generally occupational therapists or certified case managers.

 Importance of Home Safety Evaluations

Home safety evaluations for seniors involve conducting a comprehensive assessment of all the potential risks within a residence. Once the risks are identified, the certified case manager will make suggestions for modifications to improve safety. You or your loved ones might benefit from a comprehensive home evaluation if any of the following apply:

  • You live alone
  • You were recently in the hospital
  • You’re at an increased risk of falls due to medical conditions, including dizziness, balance issues, or visual impairment
  • You’re at an increased risk of fall-related injuries due to osteoporosis
  • You’ve already fallen in your home
  • You’ve had one or more “close calls”
  • Your loved ones are concerned about your safety

What Happens If I Schedule a Home Safety Evaluation?

Once you’ve scheduled your home safety evaluation, you aren’t tied to any contractual obligations or care plans with Enriched Life Home Care Services. We understand the risk of falls within a residence and are committed to keeping our families and clients safe. Falls among seniors are the leading cause of hospitalization, loss of independence, long-term disability, entry into a nursing home, and even death, so it’s our top priority to keep you safe and free of injuries.

What Happens During a Home Safety Evaluation?

During your home safety evaluation, a certified case manager will arrive to inspect the exterior and interior of your residence. They will extensively check everything from the garage to the bedrooms, ensuring everything is in good shape for you or your loved ones to continue living in.

In addition to room evaluation, our case managers will conduct an analysis of electrical safety, fire safety, and lighting. Once they’ve determined what risks exist within your home, they will make detailed suggestions for modifications.

Identification of Common Hazards in the Home

Some safety hazards in a home can go unnoticed by someone who isn’t a professional or trained in risk assessment. Enriched Life Home Care Services is partnered with expertly trained case managers who provide exceptional work to look for various safety hazards, including:

  • Low toilet height
  • Low chair heights
  • Spoiled food
  • Dim lighting
  • Missing bathmats
  • No bathtub grab bars
  • Low bedroom lighting
  • Stairs
  • Slippery floors
  • Throw rugs

Suggestions for Home Modifications

While some of the suggestions our case managers make can be made quickly, such as moving furniture, others require further assistance. If your suggested modifications need the assistance of a contractor, the team at Enriched Life Home Care Services can refer you to local trusted service providers to help you complete the adjustments to your home.

Comprehensive Home Care Services Available

In addition to providing professional home safety evaluations throughout Livonia, MI, and the surrounding areas, the team at Enriched Life Home Care Services offers a wide range of affordable non-medical home care services, including:

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Since 2013, Enriched Life Home Care Services has been serving clients throughout Livonia, MI, and the surrounding areas of Southeastern Michigan. We’re family-owned, and our name was selected so others know we’re committed to providing them with an “enriched life” through our premier home care services. Our local office is conveniently located in Livonia, MI, just minutes from most major expressways.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary home safety evaluation with one of our certified case managers. We’re here to answer questions you may have and provide you with valuable information to meet your loved one’s needs.