Geriatric Care Managers in Livonia & Southeastern MI

Our team at Enriched Life Home Care Services has been a member of the community in Livonia, MI for over a decade. We are extremely passionate about enriching the lives of our patients and clients, in addition to caring for their physical needs. Our expert team includes many professionals, from nurses to geriatric care managers. Our staff is compassionate and reliable. Contact us today to learn more.

What Is a Geriatric Care Manager?

Many families struggle with senior planning and care, as it can be extremely overwhelming. Our geriatric care managers (GCMs) at Enriched Life Home Care Services can help. They provide help with every aspect of senior care planning. GCMs have extensive background experience, and they often have spent time working as a gerontologist, psychologist, social worker, nurse, or other professionals in geriatric care service. They use this background and expertise to provide the care and resources that are needed during this time.

What Does a Geriatric Care Manager Do?

Geriatric Care Manager in Livonia & Southeastern MI
GCMs provide a range of tasks and functions, including:

  • Moderating or solving family conflicts
  • Locating local community resources
  • Attending doctor appointments
  • Providing daily care assistance
  • Arranging placement in a long-term care facility
  • Crisis management

These are just some of the many functions that GCMs can perform. They take care of logistics, and scheduling, and offer support for the whole family unit.

Additional Services Provided by Geriatric Care Managers

GCMs take care of all of the planning and coordinating needs of the seniors and their family. These services include:

  • Arranging and monitoring medical and custodial services
  • Coordinating and leading the care team
  • Preserving financial resources with streamlined and efficient care
  • Intervening in a medical or family crisis
  • Counseling and supporting the client
  • Educating and advocating for the senior
  • And so much more!

To learn if a GCM would fit the needs of you and your family, please contact Enriched Life Home Care Services today.


When meeting with a geriatric care coordinator, the first thing that will take place is an assessment of the current situation. This assessment may involve you and your family, depending on the circumstances. During this assessment, the GCM will assess the environment of your loved one, their mental, emotional, and social functioning, as well as their independence level. This assessment will help the GCM determine what factors should be included in the senior plan and what resources they’ll need to gather.

Creating a Plan

The next step is creating a concrete plan for how to best care for your geriatric loved one. The GCM uses notes and results from the assessment to make recommendations for the type of care your loved one needs. This plan will involve every aspect of care, including exercise, meal planning, doctor visits, medical care, and medication administration. With a solid and unified plan, your loved one will receive the best care possible. That’s our priority at Enriched Life Home Care Services.

Coordination of Service

One of the most important aspects of our GCM services is how customizable these services are. It is crucial to set clear expectations with the GCM about what you and your family need during the assessment, so they can provide you with the care you deserve. As the head care manager of your team, they will plan nursing care, facility stays, doctor appointments, and any other kind of geriatric care needed. With one qualified person coordinating the services, you will save money and ensure the best care for your loved one.

Family Support

Your geriatric loved one isn’t the only one in need of support and services. Watching your loved one decline or trying to help them cope with an illness can be difficult. GCMs provide invaluable support and counseling to struggling family members. Our GCMs are trained in counseling skills, as well as mediation skills, so they can help families navigate difficult conversations and disagreements.

Ideas, Products, and Innovation

Our team of geriatric care managers is always gaining new knowledge and experience on the job, constantly finding new and better ways to care for our clients. They also keep an eye out for top-of-the-line innovations and products to enrich our clients’ lives. Our goal is to keep our patients mobile, independent, and thriving for as long as possible

How Do I Find the Right Geriatric Care Coordinator?

It is crucial that you find the right geriatric care coordinator for you and your family. At Enriched Life Home Care Services, we match patients with professionals who can understand and comfort them while providing services to meet their physical needs. Our GCMs and geriatric care coordinators are some of the best and most qualified caretakers in Southeastern Michigan.

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