All Home Care Matters is sponsored by Enriched Life Home Care Services – is honored to welcome a very special guest who has been helping to provide support, resources, tips, and research to families and caregivers who are caring for a loved one with dementia, Leah Waller the founder of DementiaTLC.

Dementia TLC now a part of the All Home Care Matters Family

“Our good friends at Dementia TLC have worked tirelessly to create a trusted and verified source of tips, information, resources, and support for families and their loved ones facing dementia,” said Lance A. Slatton, a case manager of Enriched Life Home Care Services (ELHCS) and host of All Home Care Matters. “All Home Care Matters is looking forward to expanding the work that they have started and continuing to follow the exemplary example and work into the future and beyond. We would like to thank Leah for the incredible honor and trust she has placed in us at All Home Care Matters to continue this important work.”

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